Actor goes from excusing Antifa in Philly to digging himself a hole about mourning miscarriages

As Twitchy reported, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens were driven from a restaurant where they were having breakfast and accosted by a crowd of protesters with bullhorns. A tweet from CNN’s Jake Tapper on the incident inspired … Read More

Of COURSE! Newsweek needs ‘literally NO evidence’ to float this theory about Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens

As Twitchy told you yesterday, AntiFa protesters swarmed TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens outside a Philadelphia restaurant, throwing water on Kirk and screaming “F*ck white supremacy,” among other things. But liberal political commentator Chris Hahn is “very dubious” as … Read More

‘F*cking fascist piece of SH*T!’ Protesters SCREAM at Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens in Philly [videos]

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens are nothing if not super-shady, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be harassed like this: Charlie Kirk and I just got ATTACKED and protested by ANTIFA for eating breakfast. They are currently following us … Read More