‘HUH?????????’ Police Scotland in SCALDING-HOT water over this tweet about pedophilia

When they’re not cracking down on nebulously defined “hate crimes,” Scotland’s police force is getting international attention for other awful ideas. Like this tweet, for example: Thinking of sexually abusing children like us online?You’re one click away from losing everything. … Read More

NO WORDS: Women’s March champions ‘most DESPICABLE exploitation’ of kids at anti-gun protest [photos]

We saw some pretty sickening exploitation of kids on #NationalWalkoutDay, but this … this absolutely takes the cake: Students from the @ViscardiCenter participating in Wednesday’s #NationalSchoolWalkout. Thank you for your leadership! #ENOUGH : @ViscardiCenter pic.twitter.com/RKc8MLLZah — Women’s March (@womensmarch) March … Read More