‘Pretty f**ked up’: Smug Chris Cillizza seems almost PLEASED that Broward County Sheriff’s office blew it

You’d think the revelation that an armed Broward County Sheriff’s deputy sat outside for several minutes while Nikolas Cruz gunned down Douglas High School students would have the media outraged. But shameless hacks like CNN’s Chris Cillizza seem almost pleased … Read More

The truth HURTS! CNN’s Chris Cillizza offended by Fox News’ totally accurate chyron [pic]

Chris Cillizza is sick and tired of the media’s journalistic credibility being questioned, dammit! When he saw this Fox News chyron, he seemed pretty miffed: Yeah, that’s what’s happening pic.twitter.com/Zzo9deJEVI — Chris Cillizza (@CillizzaCNN) February 16, 2018 Well, Chris, ackshually … … Read More