‘BLATANT FALSEHOOD’! CAP gets BUSTED for this LIE about possible SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett

With Amy Coney Barrett’s name being tossed around as a possible SCOTUS nominee, progressives’ feverish race to smear her is officially underway. We’ve seen them attack her for being pro-life and Catholic. At least she actually is those things. What … Read More

‘Whites? Please.’ Attorney Lisa Bloom sends heads to desks with ‘civil rights’ hot take

Lawyer Lisa Bloom represents Kathy Griffin, and she also has a clear dislike of Donald Trump and his administration: After discriminating against LGBTs, Muslims & immigrants, Trump wants DOJ civil rights lawyers to protect whites. https://t.co/6xikC7PLAR — Lisa Bloom (@LisaBloom) … Read More

Community colleges looking to drop algebra as a requirement sounds a little … anti-science?

Here’s where we find ourselves in 2017. Bill Nye, the mechanical engineer and former sketch comic who now presents scientific research on Netflix in the form of song-and-dance routines called “My Sex Junk,” has become the nation’s “science guy.” So even though … Read More