‘Woefully dishonest’: BS called on widely circulated photo purporting to show ‘clouds over the California wildfires’

This tweet has been retweeted over 15,000 times since August 3rd: Clouds over the California fires, 30,000 feet up. Photo by: Peter Singer pic.twitter.com/UvXLwfSpi7 — Arturas Kerelis (@arturaskerelis) August 4, 2018 That tweet alarmed many: Whoa. https://t.co/JstGstidpP — ian bremmer … Read More

‘WE HURTLE TOWARDS EXTINCTION’! Bette Midler slams Trump for fires, floods, heatwaves and pretty much everything

Here’s proof-positive that one of the leading entertainers in the anti-Trump Resistance is really singing the blues these days: 18 wildfires in California today, Yosemite closed, torrential floods all around the globe, people dying from unprecedented heatwaves, AND NOW, AS … Read More

#OvershootDay has alarmists in a PANIC because humans have used up their allotted resources for the year and are now on eco-credit

Today is what the climate change/global warming alarmist have billed as “overshoot day,” and the hashtag contains quite the collection of leftist eco fear mongering. Head on over to the #OvershootDay hashtag and enjoy the not-so-subtle “humans are a disease” … Read More