‘THIS IS AN APPLE’: CNN’s belated clarification of ‘animals’ fake news makes them look EVEN WORSE

CNN was among the countless media outlets who didn’t bother to acknowledge the context of Donald Trump’s “animals” remarks about MS-13 before running with the narrative that he was referring to all illegal immigrants as “animals”: “We’re taking people out … Read More

‘IMPOSSIBLE’! CNN gets EPICALLY BUSTED for their BULLSH*T ‘unarmed protesters’ narrative [video]

Wow. What a difference a few hours makes, huh, CNN? Another day of protests is expected at the Gaza border Tuesday as international condemnation poured in over Israel’s use of force against unarmed Palestinian protesters this week https://t.co/cZBkxx86HK — CNN … Read More

‘Simply UNTRUE’! CNN’s coverage of Gaza riots gets them BUSTED for journalistic malpractice [pics]

Another day, another Great Moment in Journalism from CNN: Some things are open to interpretation and some things are untrue. This, @CNN, is simply untrue. The violent Hamas-led rioters on the Gaza-Israel border aren’t “protesting the [embassy] move.” Their leaders … Read More