‘You SCUMBAGS’! Guess who Media Matters is already blaming for David Hogg SWAT-ting incident

As Twitchy told you, earlier this morning, someone (or someones) SWAT-ted David Hogg’s house. Fortunately, Hogg and his mother were out of town and no one was hurt. Conservative outlet after conservative outlet rightly decried the SWAT-ting incident, but according … Read More

How do you like THAT? Looks like WaPo has given Jennifer Rubin a little makeover [pic]

Well, well, well … what do we have here? Maybe I’m late here, but… pic.twitter.com/hm41HwuRnv — Political Junkie. (@politicobsessed) April 25, 2018 It passed completely under the radar, but @politicobsessed discovered that the Washington Post no longer describes Jennifer Rubin … Read More

‘Shut the SH*T up’! Meghan McCain takes heat for daring to speak TRUTH about modern feminism [video]

Lately, Meghan McCain has been making a name for herself as the lone voice of reason at “The View.” And today, on International Women’s Day, McCain once again distinguished herself by making sense: DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A FEMINIST? @MeghanMcCain … Read More

WaPo ‘conservative’ Jennifer Rubin’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is officially OUT OF CONTROL

Oh, look! “Conservative” WaPo blogger Jennifer Rubin is at it again: Classic @JRubinBlogger. pic.twitter.com/99vDLPUirr — Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) December 11, 2017 Sheesh. it’s downright weird. — Jeff B/DDHQ (@EsotericCD) December 11, 2017 The clown show rolls on. https://t.co/ue1BNhPS2i … Read More