‘Brought the HAMMER’! WATCH: Ted Cruz confronts Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s ‘censorship’ of conservatives

While several of his Senate colleagues were busy trying to figure out how Facebook knows what kind of chocolate they like, Ted Cruz was directly confronting Mark Zuckerberg about an actual problem at Facebook: .@tedcruz comes out and asks Mark … Read More

‘The Village Idiot SPEAKS’! ThinkProgress’ Ian Millhiser takes ‘BIZARRE’ swipe at Jonah Goldberg

Earlier today, National Review published a post by Jonah Goldberg and Ramesh Ponnuru defending conservative criticism of Donald Trump. “Conservative Criticism of Trump Is Not Deluded”A thoughtful piece by @JonahNRO and @RameshPonnuru.But I’d ask my conservative friends to face up … Read More

‘FOUL’: Joy Reid indulges panelist pleased that pro-gun conservatives will ‘thankfully die off’ [video]

In case you thought for a second that gun grabbers like Joy Reid are genuinely interested in a dialogue with gun rights advocates, here’s a reality check: Joy Reid says that conservatives who have pro-gun views have “an old kind … Read More