“HUGE MISTAKE”: Glenn Greenwald SLAMS Twitter’s “OBNOXIOUS” explanation for shadow banning conservatives

As Twitchy told you, Twitter offered up a less-than-half-a**ed explanation for its shady “shadow banning” of conservative accounts. “We don’t shadowban.. we just hide people’s tweets from search, the general feed, and.. well, everywhere except their profile page.” (just barely … Read More

‘Remarkably INSANE’! Joyce Carol Oates’ take on anti-conservative Berkeley protests is just TOO DAMN MUCH

You’ve got to hand it to Joyce Carol Oates. The woman’s managed to make a career for herself despite apparently having no idea what the hell she’s talking about. Check out her take on U.C. Berkeley’s problem with violent protesters … Read More

‘Such a FRAUD’! Max Boot’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned into full-blown DEMENTIA

It’s one thing to dislike Trump and to disagree with his policies. But full-on Trump Derangement Syndrome is not a good look on anybody. I join other principled conservatives in rooting for a Democratic takeover of both houses in November. … Read More

Bill Kristol helps remind fellow conservatives that America is a nation of (legal) immigrants

We’re guessing that the Becoming American Initiative assumes that Democrats, liberals, and MSNBC viewers are well aware that America is a nation of immigrants, so the organization is buying airtime on Fox News to remind Republicans and conservatives of that … Read More

THIS’LL end well! Oliver Willis TRASHES Jake Tapper for calling Keith Ellison out on Farrakhan

As Twitchy told you, this afternoon, Jake Tapper confronted Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison about his cozy relationship with Louis Farrakhan. Needless to say, Ellison didn’t appreciate Tapper bringing it up. And for the record, neither did Oliver Willis: tapper’s all … Read More