Explains SO much: Here’s how Kamala Harris refers to Brett Kavanaugh’s pocket Constitution [video]

Given Kamala Harris’ tenuous grasp on the Constitution, it’s not really surprising that she’d say something like this. Still, somehow, she manages to strike a tone that’s even more off-putting than usual: Senator Kamala Harris refers the Kavanaugh’s US Constitution … Read More

‘Keeps getting WORSE’! Journo confronts Cory Booker about ‘Spartacus’ stunt and what fresh hell is THIS?

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Puh-LEEZE! Check out John Kerry’s proof that America is in a ‘genuine constitutional crisis’

The Resistance continues to sound alarms everywhere they go, and John Kerry has put the country on constitutional red alert: Former Secretary of State John Kerry: “This is a genuine constitutional crisis” https://t.co/zpNDWEJaAu pic.twitter.com/XodViUZgZA — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 6, … Read More

‘Utter DUMB*SS’! Blue-checked journo has the HOTTEST ‘free speech’ take you’ll see today (or maybe EVER)

Well, this is disturbing: NBC News: Brandon Ziobrowski, age 33, from Cambridge, MA has been arrested and charged with making an interstate threat. According to the indictment Ziobrowski offered to pay $500 to anyone who would kill an ICE agent. … Read More

HUH? Planned Parenthood must have a seriously WARPED definition of ‘constitutional right’

Planned Parenthood doesn’t understand that unborn babies are human beings, so it’s probably too much to ask them to understand the Constitution. Still, this is pretty appalling: Our constitutional right to abortion is on the line. It’s time to fight … Read More