HUH? Planned Parenthood must have a seriously WARPED definition of ‘constitutional right’

Planned Parenthood doesn’t understand that unborn babies are human beings, so it’s probably too much to ask them to understand the Constitution. Still, this is pretty appalling: Our constitutional right to abortion is on the line. It’s time to fight … Read More

‘What a DOPE’! Andrew Cuomo’s latest illegal immigration stunt proves he’s CLUELESS about the Constitution

You know what won’t solve the border crisis? Crap like this: #BREAKING: New York State intends to file a multi-agency lawsuit against the Trump administration for violating the Constitutional rights of immigrant children and their families who have been separated … Read More

‘Have you even READ IT?’ Wannabe constitutional scholar Alyssa Milano EMBARRASSES herself AGAIN

Our day just isn’t complete unless Alyssa Milano’s complaining about something. And now a word from the Perpetually Aggrieved…. — Mitch G, Thats Me. (@mgcat) June 6, 2018 Last night, she once again spouted off about the Equal Rights … Read More

Just WOW: Alyssa Milano SCHOOLED by trans-advocate after claiming ‘women aren’t in the Constitution’

Alyssa Milano doesn’t think women are in the Constitution. No, we’re not joking. Hey, at least she’s not pushing ridiculous gun-control noise today, right? Put women in the constitution! #ERANow #FearlessGirl — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 4, 2018 Who … Read More

ACLU: Any school that reports a student to ICE is violating the Constitution

The ACLU seemed triggered Tuesday by a piece about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos published by Politico. According to Politico, during testimony before the House Education and the Workforce Committee, DeVos said that the issue of reporting undocumented students is a “school decision” … Read More

THUD: Vox rushes to sound alarm about DOJ ‘independence,’ trips hard over Constitution (AND Obama/Holder)

The super-explainers at Vox are troubled by something in the Executive Branch: This threatens the Justice Department’s indepedence — Vox (@voxdotcom) May 2, 2018 At that point, the explainers needed an explanation: The Justice Department isn’t independent. It is … Read More