HuffPost: Sure, women have Second Amendment rights, but ‘guns are unabashedly, toxically masculine’

Emily Peck on Wednesday published a piece in HuffPost entitled, “The Constitution Gives Gun Owners Greater Rights Than Women,” and the tweet-thread promoting the piece kicked off like this: Gun owners in the United States, a majority of whom are men, … Read More

‘That’s a STINGER!’ Ben Sasse goes OFF on Trump for those awful due process comments

As Twitchy told you, during that absolute disaster of a meeting on gun control at the White House, Donald Trump suggested a grab-guns-and-ask-questions-later approach to addressing the problem of gun violence: Trump on eliminating potential danger: “I like taking the … Read More

Rob Reiner dials the stupid to 11, sounds ‘constitutional crisis’ alarm about… Fox News?

Rob Reiner hasn’t tried to hide his disdain for President Trump while helping spread the Dems’ “Russia collusion” narrative, but now he’s broadened the scope of his “constitutional crisis” warning to include Fox News: Make no mistake,by attacking Mueller,DT’s state … Read More