‘THAT IS A PROBLEM’! WaPo CAUGHT trying to BURY their complicity in anti-Israel narrative [pics]

Did you hear about the 8-month-old Palestinian infant who died after being exposed to tear gas at the Israel-Gaza border? 8-month-old Palestinian baby among those killed during deadly Gaza clashes https://t.co/4MxodBBEnT pic.twitter.com/ioW0Z7LsFW — The Hill (@thehill) May 15, 2018 Never … Read More

That’s GOLD, Jerry! The NYT has issued ‘the correction to end ALL corrections’ [pic]

This may very well be the best thing the New York Times has ever done: Best correction of the day goes to this gem, from an otherwise excellent fact-check. https://t.co/CTxJ3iPzRS pic.twitter.com/V2duLiuCHH — Anna Dubenko (@AnnaDubenko) March 7, 2018 correction got … Read More

‘OY GEVALT’! AP’s correction to Parkland shooting story is ‘proof that Jews DON’T control the media’

The news out of Broward County hasn’t given us much to laugh about, so when something good comes along, we’ve really got no choice but to embrace it. Thank you for this, Associated Press: This is quite a correction pic.twitter.com/TnFZmbCIQV … Read More

Associated Press corrects big error in #MemoDay piece Brit Hume calls ‘breathtakingly slanted’

In the great rush by journalists to counter any momentum conservatives might have enjoyed from the release of Rep. Devin Nunes’ memo Friday, an old misconception about the Trump dossier was resurrected. MSNBC’s Katy Tur got it wrong, tweeting that … Read More