WHOOPS! Kamala Harris pushes Dem sanctuary city narrative SO HARD that it flies (off a cliff)

Defending the State of California against a lawsuit over sanctuary cities from the Department of Justice, Sen. Kamala Harris is playing the “public safety” card in arguing for why state Democrats should be allowed to ignore federal immigration law: California … Read More

BAM! Michelle Malkin overturns Dems’ sanctuary city ‘clown car’ & WALLOPS Dianne Feinstein

Yesterday, California Gov. Jerry Brown promised to fight the U.S. Justice Department’s sanctuary city lawsuit, and “stick to the law” in doing so (wait, WHAT?). Sen. Dianne Feinstein is also sounding defiant in defense of state officials disobeying federal laws: … Read More

PRIORITIES! Nancy Pelosi shifts into PANIC OVERDRIVE after Trump admin sues Calif. over sanctuary cities

The U.S. Department of Justice announced this morning a lawsuit against the State of California over local politicians failing to help enforce federal immigration laws: Justice Department Files Preemption Lawsuit Against the State of California to Stop Interference with Federal … Read More

‘SMILE DEMS!’ Sean Spicier tweets about #WomensHistoryMonth and guns, triggers treasure trove of TWITS

You guys know the drill by now. The Sean Spicer parody account (@sean_spicier) tweets interesting (aka hilarious and triggering) things, Lefties ignore the fact that he doesn’t have a blue check and then proceed to make gigantic asses of themselves … Read More

HA! Trump explains WHY Democrats FAILED to solve DACA, pass gun control legislation under Obama

Anytime a national tragedy happens, Democrats are quick to scream and point their fingers at Republicans for failing to do something about it. Look at what happened in Florida. Gun control advocates are quick to blame the GOP for failing … Read More