WTF!? Dan Bongino NUKES ‘abyss of stupidity’ Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown reached to halt deportations

Yesterday, California Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned five illegal aliens who were facing deportation: Amid a brewing legal battle with the Trump administration over California’s liberal immigration policies, Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday granted pre-Easter pardons to five immigrants facing possible … Read More

Get him a SNICKERS! Tom Arnold FLIPS OUT watching Tucker interview Dan Bongino on gun control (Dan responds)

Tucker Carlson interviewed Dan Bongino about gun control in America and how absolutely frustrating it is for innocent, law-abiding, legal gun owners to be punished for a crime they had nothing to do with. Watch: .@dbongino: “It’s frustrating because, #Tucker, … Read More

‘Wow!’ Dan Bongino delivers a HARSH reality check to ‘gun control will make us safer’ crowd

The murder rate in Brazil continues to be incredibly high, and here’s just how bad it is: Murders in Brazil = Murders in all blue countries combined — Conrad Hackett (@conradhackett) March 15, 2018 An additional detail: Almost 60,000 … Read More

OUCH! Dan Bongino calls out Alyssa Milano’s Bass Pro Shops ‘BS’ in mock-tastic fashion (‘snowflake’ trigger warning!)

As Twitchy told you last night, Alyssa Milano sounded the alarm about Bass Pro Shops selling “weapons of war”: Bass Pro Shops must stop selling weapons of war. Sign the petition if you agree! #AssaultWeaponsBan NRABoycott #NRABuycott — Alyssa … Read More