“UNBELIEVABLE”! Did CNN think they could get away with this apple-banana-ing of Dana Loesch?

We hate to break it to Jim Acosta, but sometimes, CNN really does suck: WATCH: CNN Reporter Incorrectly Attributes Gun Activist’s Phrasing to NRA’s Dana Loesch https://t.co/2WxYep2vuh pic.twitter.com/kNA8LPAWYW — Mediaite (@Mediaite) July 31, 2018 Sounds about right. More from Mediaite’s … Read More

Twitter suspends clown who said he was going to “greet” conservative high schoolers with baseball bat

Thanks, Twitter, you finally suspended somebody for the right reason! Full disclosure: we’d seen this tweet when it appeared, but when Dana Loesch retweeted it, the guy thanked her for the “signal boost” and really seemed to be getting off … Read More