Need more proof that #NationalWalkoutDay is all about Dems? Look no further than this [video]

Students and teachers around the country are participating in #NationalWalkoutDay today to honor the memories of those lost in the Parkland shooting. And, lest you think this is purely political and agenda-driven … wait. That’s exactly what it is: Among … Read More

BOMBS AWAY! Meghan McCain RATTLES Hillary Clinton’s minions with these HARSH truths [video]

As Twitchy told you yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s back in the news for appalling remarks she made in India over the weekend about Trump voters. In addition to suggesting that Trump voters were motivated by sexism and racism, she also claimed … Read More

Senate Dems’ ‘fear’ about what might come up at Parkland shooting hearing speaks DISGUSTING volumes

Here’s more proof that Democrats are concerned that it’ll be harder to push for gun control if other issues are allowed to creep into the debate at a Senate hearing set for Wednesday: Rising fears that the main Senate committee … Read More

PROBLEMATIC! Don’t look now, but the DCCC is in HOT WATER with gun control activists

Anyone else find this … problematic? Scoop: DCCC warned Dem candidates against pushing for gun reforms after the Las Vegas concert shooting. Urged offering “thoughts and prayers” instead. … via @danielmarans — Jennifer Bendery (@jbendery) February 27, 2018 DCCC … Read More