‘This isn’t rocket science’: Who wants to see Dana Loesch take on #NoRA?

We’re pretty much compelled to write about this exchange because of it beginning with NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch retweeting a Twitchy post about Alyssa Milano and the #NoRA movement’s supposed legislative victory against guns in New Jersey. Apparently, the #NoRA folks … Read More

Lauren Duca tries to memory-hole DISGUSTING tweet sliming Dana Loesch (SPOILER: It DIDN’T work)

Media Matters is on a roll today. In addition to sliming Sean Hannity, they’re also after Dana Loesch: NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: Some women “wouldn’t know what masculinity was if it hit them in the face” https://t.co/Q0zlXFh74n pic.twitter.com/MiLHpRT17n — Media … Read More

‘Well, I’M sold’! Rob Porter explains why those domestic abuse allegations are a BIG misunderstanding

Rob Porter was framed, you guys. By glass: NEW details about what Rob Porter told the WH hours after pictures of black-eyed ex-wife surfaced — she bruised her eye while they struggled over Venetian glass. With 2nd wife, he told … Read More

‘My life is now complete’: Mark Hamill poses an interesting question for the ‘pussygrabber-in-chief’

Earlier this morning President Donald Trump tweeted about sexual assault allegations, which was clearly in reference to White House Speech Writer David Sorensen stepping down. Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some … Read More