‘HE DIDN’T SAY THAT’! Chris Cillizza just straight-up LIED about Donald Trump’s Kavanaugh remarks

Please accept our apology. We know we’ve already covered Chris Cillizza being a hack today, but we can’t let this one go. CBS News’ Mark Knoller relayed Donald Trump’s recent remarks regarding the Kavanaugh-Ford case: Pres Trump says he still … Read More

David Axelrod shares theory why Trump released a ‘tranche of classified documents related to the Russia probe’ (just guess)

President Trump declassifying and releasing documents related to the Russia investigation has already caused some concern from NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell. Up next, David Axelrod, a former adviser for the president who billed his administration as the most transparent … Read More

Andrea Mitchell alarmed by ‘unprecedented’ nature of ‘president under investigation’ declassifying & releasing documents

As Twitchy told you Monday afternoon, President Trump ordered the declassification of some Russia probe documents to be released to the public. Trump said the move was to provide greater transparency: HERE WE GO: Trump orders ‘immediate declassification’ of Russia … Read More

Cancel EVERYTHING: NBC reporter says what Trump just did is gonna have “HUGE repercussions”

NBC reporter Ken Delanian called the White House’s immediate declassification of documents and text messages without redaction “not normal” and said it would have “huge repercussions.” “I’ve never before seen a statement from the White House ordering declassification of something … Read More

Maxine Waters’ advice to Resistance about Trump & Pence: ‘Knock off the first one and then go after the second one’ [video]

When some Democrats dream about impeaching President Trump, it’s often pointed out that, should they accomplish that, it would only leave them with a Pence presidency. According to Resistance leader and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, it would be a two-step process, … Read More

SAD! Hillary Clinton thinks a BIG election change is needed to avert another ‘constitutional crisis’ (just guess)

Hillary Clinton has a lengthy diatribe in The Atlantic, mostly sounding the alarm about Donald Trump while explaining what changes she thinks should be made to the presidential election process: My new afterword for “What Happened” is excerpted in @TheAtlantic. … Read More

TIME correspondent hosts ratio party at his place after responding to another Trump ‘witch hunt’ tweet

President Trump on Saturday evening sent out another “witch hunt” tweet which of course stirred up the nest of journalists still working. Trump argues that his poll numbers would be higher if not for Robert Mueller’s investigation. While my (our) poll … Read More