No bias HERE! Bloomberg journo splutters that Trump’s ‘holding hostages’ over DACA

It’s time for your daily reminder that the media are largely to blame for their lousy reputation. This reminder comes courtesy of Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis, who made a pretty bold statement about Trump: Trump now very clear he’s holding hostages … Read More

SIREN! Robert Reich has PROOF that Trump’s days are numbered (or does he?)

Wow. Robert Reich is pretty popular today thanks to this pair of tweets making the rounds: This morning I phoned my old friend, a former Republican member of Congress, to discuss Trump’s latest outbursts. (1/2) — Robert Reich (@RBReich) … Read More

SERIOUSLY!? Check out the latest way Russia might have tried to ‘influence the US election’

Rep. Adam Schiff and many others have from the start claimed that Russia “hacked the election.” Here’s where it currently stands: #BREAKING: Russia used Pokemon Go to interfere in 2016 election: report — The Hill (@thehill) October 12, … Read More