Oh, hey! Here’s like, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, like, using the “catcalling” metaphor with Trump too

Shout out to Benny Johnson who must have actually listened to the entire interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Obama Bros. Pod Save America podcast earlier this week. In case you thought Ocasio-Cortez comparing Ben Shapiro’s $10,000 challenge to debate … Read More

D’OH! Michael Moore rolls out promo for new anti-Trump documentary, flattens Obama & Dems in the process

Michael Moore’s promo effort for his new documentary, “Fahrenheit 11/9,” has begun: In the trailer for “Fahrenheit 11/9,” Michael Moore sprays water from Flint, Mich. all over the front yard of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder https://t.co/Yp1bEym7dw pic.twitter.com/k5hv1zwc9s — Variety (@Variety) … Read More

‘FLAT-OUT FALSE’! Frank Luntz SHOOTS DOWN Omarosa’s ‘N-word’ claim involving him and Trump

As Twitchy told you, Sarah Sanders called out Omarosa Manigault-Newman for “trying to profit off these false attacks” against Donald Trump and saying that Manigault-Newman’s new book “UNHINGED” is “riddled with lies and false accusations.” For what it’s worth, Frank … Read More

‘Who’s afraid of the TRUTH?’ More conservative journos ‘investigated’ for tweets disrupting liberal narratives

As Twitchy told you yesterday, somebody apparently doesn’t care for conservative journalist Mark Hemingway’s coverage of Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese spy connections. WTH. It looks like someone is trying to protect Feinstein from criticism. pic.twitter.com/vn7g33nFkw — Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) August 9, … Read More