Incoming BOMBSHELLS? DOJ to release Fast and Furious docs withheld by Eric Holder

Breaking Fast and Furious news: BREAKING: DOJ Announces Fast and Furious Documents Withheld by Eric Holder Will Be Released — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) March 7, 2018 JUST IN: US Justice Dept. says it reaches “conditional settlement agreement” to “begin … Read More

NOT WOKE: Eric Holder reveals his stunning reaction to ‘Black Panther,’ and it’s HILARIOUS

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BREAKING: Eric Holder says he fell asleep during Black Panther — Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) February 27, 2018 Apparently this comment came during an interview with the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart: – @CapehartJ asks: “Are you T’Challa or Killmonger?” … Read More

Ex AG found in contempt of Congress alarmed by ‘contours of the conspiracy’ outlined by Mueller indictments

Over a dozen Russian nationals have been indicted and accused of attempting to interfere in the U.S. election process as far back as 2014. There are no Americans involved (the indictment says some had “unwitting” contact with Russians), but former … Read More

WATCH: Former AG Eric Holder gives MARGINAL legal advice on indicting Trump for ‘obstruction’

Former Attorney General Eric Holder appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show tonight. One of the issues the two discussed: whether or not President Donald Trump can be indicted for obstructing justice. Of course, Holder did everything in his power to make … Read More