‘BEAST MODE ACTIVATED’: Elon Musk UNLOADS on media for their ‘holier-than-thou HYPOCRISY’

It’s happening, people. Merry Litmas https://t.co/RDEaiXtXf6 — Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) May 23, 2018 Tesla’s been taking some hits from the media lately … Tesla (TSLA) could rally as media negativity is ‘increasingly immaterial’, says Baird https://t.co/ppGSaPoxE4 by @fredericlambert pic.twitter.com/ydQ76TT1lF — Electrek.Co … Read More

‘Makes you look FAKE’: NYT’s Maggie Haberman helps dig media’s post-‘animals’ grave EVEN DEEPER

Yesterday, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman posed what she claimed was a serious question about Donald Trump’s “animals” remarks: Seriously asking – what possible context is there that makes Trump’s “they’re animals” comment from yesterday more nuanced? — Maggie … Read More

BRILLIANT! Comfortably Smug NAILS the MSM for their ‘animals’ bullsh*t in one PERFECT pic

We’ve honestly lost count as to how many so-called “journalists” and “responsible” media outlets have run with the totally bogus narrative about Donald Trump referring to illegal immigrants as animals. Fortunately, Comfortably Smug can always be counted on to zero … Read More