‘RIP JERRY’: Mob descends on Jerry Seinfeld after he calls Roseanne’s firing ‘overkill’

Uh-oh … Jerry Seinfeld says Roseanne Barr firing was “overkill” https://t.co/Yp0dBxFGBX pic.twitter.com/PwAS3eND4u — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) June 26, 2018 More from the Hollywood Reporter: Jerry Seinfeld is weighing in on the Roseanne Barr controversy, calling her being fired from her … Read More

HA! Will Linda Stasi demand that THIS guy lose his sweet media gig over HIS troubling ‘sexual relations’?

As Twitchy told you, the New York Daily News’ Linda Stasi penned a piece suggesting that Fox News reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle be fired over her alleged relationship with Donald Trump Jr. STASI: Fox should fire reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle, who can’t … Read More

BEYOND PARODY! Andrea Mitchell found the ‘PERFECT person’ to weigh in on Roseanne controversy [video]

Boy, Andrea Mitchell sure is shocked by Roseanne’s racist “joke” about Valerie Jarrett. She’s just beside herself, you guys. She needs to talk to someone who understands the gravity of the situation. Naturally, she’s turning to … Joy Reid? .@mitchellreports … Read More

Sens. Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal warn of ‘severe consequences’ if Mueller probe is touched

Not long after Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, President Trump’s lawyer, John Dowd, called for an end to the Mueller investigation, hoping to “bring an end to alleged Russia collusion investigation manufactured by McCabe’s boss … Read More