Solid burn: Fox News-obsessed Brian Stelter gets an Antifa reality check from Caleb Hull

As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN described the protesters who descended on the microscopic “Unite the Right 2” rally in Washington, D.C., Sunday as “anti-hate groups,” despite an obvious hatred for the heightened police presence and several enthusiastic death wishes for President … Read More

What bias? CNN’s Brian Stelter can’t deal with Tucker Carlson’s “extreme rhetoric” about what now?

As Twitchy has reported, CNN’s prime-time ratings really are in the toilet, coming in below TLC and shows like “Dr. Pimple Popper,” while Fox News remains at No. 1. And CNN’s media guy Brian Stelter isn’t helping matters by watching … Read More

Awesome! Tonight’s Millennial Night at the ballpark, complete with napping area and participation ribbons

Fox News reports that Saturday, June 21 is “Millennial Night” at the ballpark where the Tampa Bay Rays’ Double-A affiliate the Montgomery Biscuits are playing, and apparently, millennials aren’t appreciating the joke. Millennials outraged after baseball team advertises ‘Millennial Night’ with avocados, … Read More