‘Utter DUMB*SS’! Blue-checked journo has the HOTTEST ‘free speech’ take you’ll see today (or maybe EVER)

Well, this is disturbing: NBC News: Brandon Ziobrowski, age 33, from Cambridge, MA has been arrested and charged with making an interstate threat. According to the indictment Ziobrowski offered to pay $500 to anyone who would kill an ICE agent. … Read More

Sen. Chris Murphy’s thrilled Infowars is being banned, BUT ‘companies must do more than take down one website’ to save democracy

As you know, social media sites have been actively working to remove Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms. However, even though that’s in the works, Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut says there’s much more to be done: Infowars … Read More

‘From bad to worse’! Twitter and Jack’s “first goal” gets HAMMERED (“measure the ‘health’ of public conversation”?)

Twitter has recently been defending itself, quite unsuccessfully in many circles, over accusations that the service has been shadowbanning conservatives. Meanwhile, next up, third party involvement will be a thing when it comes to the “health” of conversation on Twitter: … Read More