BOLO: Pikachu wanted in connection with ‘ABOLISH ICE’ vandalism at GOP office in Nebraska

LOL this picture: Nebraska GOP office windows smashed, “ABOLISH ICE” spray painted on sidewalk — The Hill (@thehill) July 3, 2018 That’s totally Pikachu: With a giant Pikachu-shaped rock, apparently. — Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) July 3, 2018 … Read More

Chuck Todd defends slamming Trump, GOP over ‘outright lies,’ calls skepticism of media ‘disease that has stricken so many’

NBC News political director Chuck Todd is highly troubled by things President Trump said this morning: Today’s POTUS performance was breathtaking in the sheer number of provable falsehoods, intentional mischaracterizations and outright lies uttered. Clearly someone feels emboldened. Will GOP … Read More