WATCH: Iranians are in the streets chanting ‘Death to Palestine’ — not Israel, not America

Remember back in December when the Iranian people took to the streets chanting things like “Death to Khamenei” and “Down with the dictator”? Those anti-government protests were pretty bold, and several journalists say they’re ramping up again today, with crowds … Read More

‘GO F*CK YOURSELVES’! NowThis vomits up ‘absolutely PATHETIC’ hit on Nikki Haley [video]

NowThis claims to be a news outlet covering “stories that move.” And speaking of movement, check out this steaming pile of B.S.: Nikki Haley literally begged other ambassadors to support her UN resolution on Gaza — and not one voted for … Read More

‘It is OUTRAGEOUS’! Nikki Haley drops the HAMMER on UN Security Council for failing to condemn Hamas [video]

Donald Trump really hit a home run when he named Nikki Haley U.N. Ambassador. For proof, look no further than Haley’s address today to the U.N. Security Council: RT @USUN: Yesterday, Hamas launched 70 rockets into Israel. Who among us … Read More

‘SICK DUDE’: Michael Ian Black jumps ALL THE SHARKS with this INSANE rebuttal to Dana Loesch

Good Lord. We suppose this was inevitable, but still. This morning, Dana Loesch pointed out the Left’s warped priorities when it comes to criminals and terrorists: MS-13 are good guys, Hamas did nothing wrong, but law-abiding gun owners are “terrorists.” … Read More

Media outlet ADMITS most ‘peaceful’ Gaza protesters were terrorists — but there’s a PATHETIC catch

It’s genuinely refreshing to see a mainstream media outlet call the “peaceful protesters” in Gaza what they are: terrorists. Too bad they couldn’t quite bring themselves to do it more forcefully than this: Opinion: Most of the people killed in … Read More

‘THAT IS A PROBLEM’! WaPo CAUGHT trying to BURY their complicity in anti-Israel narrative [pics]

Did you hear about the 8-month-old Palestinian infant who died after being exposed to tear gas at the Israel-Gaza border? 8-month-old Palestinian baby among those killed during deadly Gaza clashes — The Hill (@thehill) May 15, 2018 Never … Read More

‘PURELY IDIOTIC’! Journo Damon Linker’s take on anti-Israel violence is ‘complete and utter GARBAGE’

Earlier this week, author and commentator Haroon Moghul expressed concerns that Zionism has led more Palestinian than Israeli deaths: Haroon Moghul: “A hugely disproportionate number of Palestinians die, while few if any Israelis ever do (in this case: zero). Still … Read More