‘Thanks for the nonexistent invite’! Guess which Parkland survivor hasn’t been asked to Harvard’s gun control discussion

Harvard will be hosting a discussion about guns, and has invited select Parkland shooting survivors to offer their thoughts: Harvard to host Parkland students for discussion on guns https://t.co/zXLToj3JA8 pic.twitter.com/hkoeDUATKU — The Hill (@thehill) March 12, 2018 Anti-NRA, pro gun … Read More

BINGO! Hillary Clinton to receive Harvard honor that even REPUBLICANS can agree she deserves

Harvard’s set to honor Hillary Clinton with the following recognition: Hillary Clinton to receive prestigious Harvard award for her “transformative impact” on society https://t.co/aPRosdyNHG pic.twitter.com/nlYK85sa08 — The Hill (@thehill) March 8, 2018 Hillary certainly might appreciate it, and maybe she … Read More

POOR BABY! Ex-fellow Chelsea Manning whines about being ‘marginalized’

In case you missed it, following immense backlash, Harvard Kennedy School dean Douglas W. Elmendorf officially rescinded the invitation to Chelsea Manning to become a visiting fellow. Manning, as expected, is taking the news like a champ — a champion victim, … Read More

Oh no he DI’INT! Iowahawk makes quite possibly the PERFECT Chelsea Manning / Harvard joke YET

Wait, did Harvard just assume Chelsea Manning’s gender? Ha ha ha. I can’t believe they named her a “fellow”https://t.co/FTUEeRYYGE — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 14, 2017 Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell was so disgusted with Harvard’s decision that he … Read More