DAYUM! Former CIA officer obliterates Hillary Clinton’s Electoral College whining with a MASSIVE self-awareness nuke

As you’re well aware, Hillary Clinton’s list of election loss excuses continues to get longer by the day, and she’s also still blaming the Electoral College: We need to improve and protect our elections, from instituting paper ballot backups to … Read More

‘The IRONY’! Juanita Broaddrick dumps COLD water all over Hillary Clinton’s Kavanaugh allegation hot take

On Rachel Maddow’s show last night, Hillary Clinton said there should be an FBI investigation into the allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Hillary Clinton to @Maddow: The White House could act very quickly to the request to have the … Read More

REALLY? Sally Kohn says ‘your hypocrisy is showing’ if you believed these women but not Kavanaugh’s accuser

After spending considerable time and energy insisting Christine Blasey Ford should be heard before Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, Dems are now explaining why she shouldn’t have to testify even after being invited by Judiciary Committee Republicans to tell her side … Read More

Hillary pivots from ‘All women should be heard and believed’ to ‘Take each case on its own merits’

Remember back during the 2016 campaign when Hillary Clinton, showing no sign of self-awareness, released a video and accompanying tweets demanding that women be “heard and believed” when making accusations of rape or sexual assault? Yeah, the same Hillary Clinton who is still … Read More

SAD! Hillary Clinton thinks a BIG election change is needed to avert another ‘constitutional crisis’ (just guess)

Hillary Clinton has a lengthy diatribe in The Atlantic, mostly sounding the alarm about Donald Trump while explaining what changes she thinks should be made to the presidential election process: My new afterword for “What Happened” is excerpted in @TheAtlantic. … Read More