‘HOLY SH*T, GROW A SET’! Actor Jerry O’Connell SERIOUSLY caved to the SJW mob over THIS?

In case you missed it, it’s a dumb time to be alive. Need proof? Here you go: The show has been renamed following complaints the title was sexist and homophobic https://t.co/UiXE8zlaal — New York Post (@nypost) August 8, 2018 So, … Read More

“HOMOPHOBIC BULLSH*T”! NY Mag senior art critic SHREDDED for touting “great art” featuring Trump and Hannity [pics]

Jerry Saltz is the senior art critic at New York Magazine. He is also, it would seem, a rabid homophobe: Great art posted now in Canal Street subway station. Make something; put it in public; take its picture; post it. … Read More

BEYOND PARODY! Andrea Mitchell found the ‘PERFECT person’ to weigh in on Roseanne controversy [video]

Boy, Andrea Mitchell sure is shocked by Roseanne’s racist “joke” about Valerie Jarrett. She’s just beside herself, you guys. She needs to talk to someone who understands the gravity of the situation. Naturally, she’s turning to … Joy Reid? .@mitchellreports … Read More

Blame Putin? Wayback Machine finds no evidence that anti-gay content on Joy Reid’s blog was ‘fraudulent’

As Twitchy reported, after Internet sleuths dug up a bunch of homophobic posts on Joy Reid’s old and defunct blog, the MSNBC host told Mediaite that the posts were somehow put in by an “external party.” Mediaite further reported that Reid … Read More

Hold my vodka: ‘Homophobic bridge troll’ Chelsea Handler shows Jimmy Kimmel how to tweet a gay ‘joke’

There’s some planet (California, maybe) on which Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Handler are considered not just activists but comedians. As Twitchy reported, funny man Kimmel was called out by both liberals and conservatives Friday evening after using gay sex as a punchline … Read More

‘RESPECT’! Jake Tapper BUSTS Dems like Danny Davis for their Farrakhan fluffing [video]

Jake Tapper’s got a reputation as a solid journalist for a reason. While so many of his media colleagues ignore narrative-busting truths, Tapper is willing to confront them head-on. Last week, Tapper was pretty much the lone MSM voice decrying … Read More