‘F*ck right OFF.’ NBC’s Hallie Jackson gets DRAGGED for claiming N. Korea hostage release was STAGED

Wow NBC, stay classy. NBC’s Hallie Jackson Whines: Hostage Release ‘Choreographed’ and ‘Staged Production’ https://t.co/nGKwHCiRUB — NewsBusters (@newsbusters) May 10, 2018 From News Busters: Thursday morning, Hallie Jackson, NBC’s White House correspondent, acted as if President Donald Trump had just … Read More

‘What is WRONG with you?’ ‘Ellen’ producer CRAPS on release of American prisoners from North Korea

It’s one thing to dislike Donald Trump. But if your Trump Derangement Syndrome is so acute that you can’t even acknowledge and celebrate the significance of North Korea releasing three American hostages, you’re officially sick in the head. That’s certainly … Read More

No bias HERE! Bloomberg journo splutters that Trump’s ‘holding hostages’ over DACA

It’s time for your daily reminder that the media are largely to blame for their lousy reputation. This reminder comes courtesy of Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis, who made a pretty bold statement about Trump: Trump now very clear he’s holding hostages … Read More