“All cops are bastards”: Police under fire for protecting Patriot Prayer rally in Portland from antifa

Ah, Portland: the city that’s so marked by leftist riots that Politico Magazine wrote a piece about how it became so violent; the city whose mayor tried to get the feds to bar free-speech and anti-sharia rallies; the city where … Read More

‘She’s dead to me’: Democrats still sore at Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for asking Al Franken to resign

Despite Hillary Clinton’s video saying that women should be heard, believed, and supported, it took a while for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to get tough on former senator Al Franken and call for his resignation. After sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against … Read More

Hey, look: It’s Jordan Peterson and Boy George facing off over HuffPost’s 10-year-old drag queen

We haven’t covered University of Toronto psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson much, but he’s straddling that electrified third rail much like Charles Murray. When The Los Angeles Times did a reasonably unbiased piece on Peterson, it triggered poor Joss Whedon into calling … Read More