‘You’re an A**’! Ron Perlman owes this veteran and ICE analyst a REAL apology for pushing ‘Nazi’ smear

There’s no such thing as picking on Ron Perlman too much. He already got kicked around today for taking a badly aimed swipe at the Trump administration over the U.S. possibly withdrawing from the U.N. Human Rights Council. But he … Read More

MSNBC analysts, including a former RNC chairman, say Trump’s running ‘concentration camps’ for kids [video]

As we told you earlier, Joe Scarborough doubled down on comparing the Trump administration’s border policies to the Nazis, but Scarborough’s not the only person on MSNBC making that similar allegation: MSNBC analysts claim that the Trump administration is currently … Read More

THANKS sanctuary city Dems! NYC released HOW MANY ‘dangerous’ illegals in 3 months?

Liberals often argue that sanctuary cities don’t negatively impact public safety in any way, but reality would appear to differ yet again: ICE: NYC released 440 “dangerous” illegal immigrants over 3 months https://t.co/UZTVI5aFxa pic.twitter.com/CDjwubRgLB — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) June 4, … Read More

‘BOOM’! Ben Shapiro BUSTS Alyssa Milano after she decries ICE’s ‘inhumane’ policy toward children

Over the weekend, actress and social justice warrior princess Alyssa Milano tweeted her disgust for ICE and their “un-American,” “inhumane” ways. Presumably that was before she found out that all those photos of kids in cages were taken during the … Read More