FORGETTING SOMEONE? Stephen Colbert et al. get some HARSH reminders about ‘inhumane’ treatment of illegal immigrant families

Last night, Stephen Colbert sounded off about reports that children are being ripped from the arms of their illegal immigrant parents at the southern border: The United States is using cruelty as a deterrent on our southern border. @StephenAtHome has … Read More

‘DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT’! NYT’s Samantha Bee spin is a HALL OF FAMER (and it’s ‘why Trump won’)

Wow. The media sure are covering themselves in glory over this Samantha Bee cluster! Let’s see what the New York Times has got for us, shall we? Samantha Bee dedicated nearly seven minutes of “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” to … Read More

‘BOOM’! Ben Shapiro BUSTS Alyssa Milano after she decries ICE’s ‘inhumane’ policy toward children

Over the weekend, actress and social justice warrior princess Alyssa Milano tweeted her disgust for ICE and their “un-American,” “inhumane” ways. Presumably that was before she found out that all those photos of kids in cages were taken during the … Read More

Should we tell her? PBS’ Amna Nawaz wonders why that 2016 immigrant bus photo is only ‘being shared now’

Predictably, “undocumented citizen” Jose Antonio Vargas was among the many lefties who seized on that 2016 photo of a bus equipped with child safety seats as evidence of Donald Trump’s cruelty toward immigrant children: Is this how we @DefineAmerican?!? … Read More

Fancy THAT! This puts the Left’s selective outrage over immigrants in DAMNING perspective

If nothing else, the past 24 hours have shined a glaring spotlight on Democrats’ and liberals’ hypocrisy and selective outrage. Case in point: Trump calls murderous MS-13 “animals” – OUTRAGE! Obama cages innocent immigrant children like animals – meh — … Read More

‘Can’t fix STUPID’! That THIS guy is blaming Trump admin for Obama-era immigration policies is just TOO much

Apparently Jon Wolfsthal, the director of the Nuclear Crisis Group, is among the many who still haven’t figured out that those photos of children at illegal immigrant detention facilities were taken during Barack Obama’s presidency: This is a national disgrace. … Read More