Old Iran: ‘Death to America’; New Iran: US will lose ‘like the famous cat in Tom and Jerry’

On Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened to impose even stronger sanctions on Iran if the terrorist nation doesn’t permanently end its nuclear program. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei fired back on his official website, demonstrating both defiance and Iran’s … Read More

‘WAX THE DONG’! Will liberals finally DEVOUR themselves over this Canadian ‘human rights’ case?

How’s this for a headline? Transgender Files $50,000 Complaint Because Muslim Woman Refuses to Wax Genitals https://t.co/fkc9XMqtT6 pic.twitter.com/JxKP2kIhSh — Mark Meckler (@MarkMeckler) May 22, 2018 Dude. And suddenly, my day is complete. https://t.co/yB7lcwWul0 — (((≠))) (@ThomasHCrown) May 22, 2018 More … Read More

Media outlet ADMITS most ‘peaceful’ Gaza protesters were terrorists — but there’s a PATHETIC catch

It’s genuinely refreshing to see a mainstream media outlet call the “peaceful protesters” in Gaza what they are: terrorists. Too bad they couldn’t quite bring themselves to do it more forcefully than this: Opinion: Most of the people killed in … Read More

‘PURELY IDIOTIC’! Journo Damon Linker’s take on anti-Israel violence is ‘complete and utter GARBAGE’

Earlier this week, author and commentator Haroon Moghul expressed concerns that Zionism has led more Palestinian than Israeli deaths: Haroon Moghul: “A hugely disproportionate number of Palestinians die, while few if any Israelis ever do (in this case: zero). Still … Read More

‘BACK IN THE VAN’! Poor Tommy Vietor CAN’T HANDLE the truth about the Left and Hamas

Hamas has straight-up admitted to sending terrorists to the Israel-Gaza border, but the Left just can’t bring themselves to admit that Hamas is responsible for the deaths of Palestinian “protesters,” as the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein so succinctly put it: … Read More