Old Iran: ‘Death to America’; New Iran: US will lose ‘like the famous cat in Tom and Jerry’

On Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened to impose even stronger sanctions on Iran if the terrorist nation doesn’t permanently end its nuclear program. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei fired back on his official website, demonstrating both defiance and Iran’s … Read More

‘LYING SACK OF SH*T’! NYT’s Max Fisher puts SHAMEFUL spin on this disturbing Iran news

Nothing to see here! Nope! Just Iran evidently developing long-range missiles and whatnot: Oh. For years, Iran has been operating a secret weapons facility in a remote desert. Satellite imagery strongly suggests it’s for developing long-range missiles — which can … Read More

‘EXCELLENT’! Sorry, Chelsea Handler, but we can’t ‘NOT love Nikki Haley’ after THIS [video]

As Twitchy told you, Chelsea Handler just about spit out her fifth vodka tonic of the morning when she saw Nikki Haley blaming Hamas for the deaths of Palestinian “protesters” yesterday at the Israel-Gaza border. But it’s hard to sympathize … Read More

‘Welcome to YOUR legacy’! How can Ben Rhodes EVER sleep again after THIS?

The death toll is mounting among Palestinian protesters storming the fence at the Israel-Gaza border: #BREAKING: US embassy @usembassyjlm set to open in Jerusalem; dozens killed in Gaza clashes https://t.co/VnKGlHKzS7 via @timesofisrael — The Times of Israel (@TimesofIsrael) May 14, … Read More