‘Let it OUT’! ‘Tehran Tommy’ Vietor dons tinfoil hat for this SCORCHING-HOT Iran Deal take

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And Benjamin Netanyahu’s revelations about the horrendously awful Iran Deal have made times pretty desperate for the Obama Bros. So they’re taking some pretty desperate measures to cover for their old boss. As Twitchy … Read More

SERIOUSLY!? Former Obama adviser’s spin on Israel’s Iran deal revelations is ‘beyond parody’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealing information that nation’s intelligence operatives uncovered in Iran indicated that the nuclear deal was “based on lies.” However, former Obama advisers are starting to push back. Here’s a former special assistant to Obama trying … Read More

Don’t tell the UN! Another nation is moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem

Guatemala is following the United States’ lead by moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Guatemala to move embassy to Jerusalem, backing Trump https://t.co/ATAIKi7oKz pic.twitter.com/B1vaqovHY0 — The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) December 24, 2017 This comes after the Trump administration has received … Read More