Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates California on legislating clean electricity into being

As Twitchy reported earlier today, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law SB100, which mandates that all Californians get their electricity from clean energy sources by 2045. Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger weighed in with his congratulations on the big event. Congratulations … Read More

JOURNALISM! Andrea Mitchell pushes ‘out-of-context’ BS about Trump’s illegal immigration truth

Speaking about illegal immigration and MS-13 today, President Trump made this comment: “These aren’t people. These are animals,” Trump says in response to a question about the MS-13 gang during his roundtable on sanctuary cities. “… because of the weak … Read More

‘Trump win?’ Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown sending National Guard troops to border, but WHY?

California Gov. Jerry Brown has some news for DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Defense Secretary James Mattis regarding border security: California responds — Jerry Brown (@JerryBrownGov) April 11, 2018 JUST IN: California to add 400 National Guard troops to … Read More

Chelsea Handler calls Trump a racist ‘most likely guilty’ of kidnapping, robbery, and dealing drugs

As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, California Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday pardoned five illegal aliens who were facing deportation, among 56 pardons and 14 commutations handed down. President Donald Trump weighed in via Twitter on Saturday: Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown pardoned 5 … Read More

WTF!? Dan Bongino NUKES ‘abyss of stupidity’ Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown reached to halt deportations

Yesterday, California Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned five illegal aliens who were facing deportation: Amid a brewing legal battle with the Trump administration over California’s liberal immigration policies, Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday granted pre-Easter pardons to five immigrants facing possible … Read More

BAM! Michelle Malkin overturns Dems’ sanctuary city ‘clown car’ & WALLOPS Dianne Feinstein

Yesterday, California Gov. Jerry Brown promised to fight the U.S. Justice Department’s sanctuary city lawsuit, and “stick to the law” in doing so (wait, WHAT?). Sen. Dianne Feinstein is also sounding defiant in defense of state officials disobeying federal laws: … Read More