‘PURELY IDIOTIC’! Journo Damon Linker’s take on anti-Israel violence is ‘complete and utter GARBAGE’

Earlier this week, author and commentator Haroon Moghul expressed concerns that Zionism has led more Palestinian than Israeli deaths: Haroon Moghul: “A hugely disproportionate number of Palestinians die, while few if any Israelis ever do (in this case: zero). Still … Read More

Reuters sure has a STRANGE way of framing Netanyahu’s denunciation of Abbas’ anti-Semitic speech

In a speech before the Palestinian National Council on Monday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suggested — what else? — that the Jews are responsible for their own persecution: Abbas said in his speech that Jews living in Europe had suffered … Read More

‘Let it OUT’! ‘Tehran Tommy’ Vietor dons tinfoil hat for this SCORCHING-HOT Iran Deal take

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And Benjamin Netanyahu’s revelations about the horrendously awful Iran Deal have made times pretty desperate for the Obama Bros. So they’re taking some pretty desperate measures to cover for their old boss. As Twitchy … Read More

‘Should be ASHAMED’! WaPo DRAGGED for publishing this HORRENDOUS ‘anti-Semitic hot take’

The Washington Post is really draping itself in glory lately. This “Perspective” piece by Carey Purcell is keeping their hot streak alive: .@CareyPurcell is tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion:https://t.co/mPzp10OpFQ — Lisa Bonos (@lisabonos) March 29, 2018 We’ll just … Read More