Hold my vodka: ‘Homophobic bridge troll’ Chelsea Handler shows Jimmy Kimmel how to tweet a gay ‘joke’

There’s some planet (California, maybe) on which Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Handler are considered not just activists but comedians. As Twitchy reported, funny man Kimmel was called out by both liberals and conservatives Friday evening after using gay sex as a punchline … Read More

Jimmy Kimmel rallies behind this stormy ‘act of patriotism,’ Kyle Kashuv suggests higher priority

Stormy Daniels is raising money, and Jimmy Kimmel offered an assist for that “cause”: Kimmel: Donating to Stormy Daniels’s legal fund is “an act of patriotism” https://t.co/b6KwMYZE53 pic.twitter.com/kWOfurTq9p — The Hill (@thehill) March 16, 2018 From The Hill: Jimmy Kimmel … Read More