This back-and-forth between @redsteeze and a writer over his “abortion joke” is funnier than the joke

As Twitchy reported Friday night, Netflix announced the cancellation of Michelle Wolf’s talk show after just three months. If you’re like most people, you’re asking, “Who’s Michelle Wolf?” To keep it short, she was the comedian at the most recent … Read More

French ambassador calls out Trevor Noah for his joke about World Cup win being ‘an African victory’

As Twitchy reported Tuesday, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah was slammed for his joke calling France’s World Cup win “an African victory,” apparently not understanding that 1) Africa is not a country, and 2) many French citizens are black. TONIGHT: Congratulations … Read More

‘This day CANNOT get better’! Glenn Beck gets in on the @neontaster-is-Ben-Shapiro’s-dad’ action (and it’s AMAZING)

As Twitchy told you, earlier this week, blue-checked “free speech activist” Nathan Bernard claimed to have information proving that tweeter @neontaster is, in fact, Ben Shapiro’s dad: Hearing from several trustworthy sources that the @neontaster account is run by @benshapiro‘s … Read More