School is IN SESSION: Kyle Kashuv has a homework assignment for Hillary Clinton

There’s something especially nauseating about Hillary Clinton chiming in after a deadly tragedy. Maybe it’s the fact that she has presided over several deadly tragedies herself. In any event, she saw an opportunity to score some cheap political points after … Read More

‘GO FIGURE’! Kyle Kashuv NAILS Chelsea Handler’s INSANE selective outrage problem

As Twitchy told you earlier, Chelsea Handler flipped the hell out over Nikki Haley blaming Hamas for the deaths of Palestinian “protesters” at the Israel-Gaza border: Nikki Haley is on tv talking about Hamas being responsible for the Palestinians protesting … Read More

Guess which students will and won’t appear on Nightline’s Parkland documentary

ABC News’ “Nightline” will air on Monday night a documentary called “For Our Lives: Parkland,” following six Parkland students “as they took their first steps into political participation.” Recognize any faces? Notice anyone missing? TONIGHT: A preview of “For Our … Read More

‘My blood is boiling’: Broward student journalist lays out his case against superintendent, school board

Twitchy first told you about 19-year-old Broward student Kenneth Preston a couple of weeks ago, after he took his concerns to the Broward County School Board. And what were those concerns? For one, as Preston told The Hill, only “roughly … Read More