HOLY CRAP! Did Twitter and @jack finally do something RIGHT? (Hint: Linda Sarsour will be PISSED)

The Twitter powers that be have been stepping on rakes like nobody’s business lately. Which is why it bears mentioning when they do something that isn’t completely awful: I just noticed @Twitter finally took away @LouisFarrakhan’s blue check mark. pic.twitter.com/IjLdoPHejX … Read More

THIS’LL end well! Oliver Willis TRASHES Jake Tapper for calling Keith Ellison out on Farrakhan

As Twitchy told you, this afternoon, Jake Tapper confronted Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison about his cozy relationship with Louis Farrakhan. Needless to say, Ellison didn’t appreciate Tapper bringing it up. And for the record, neither did Oliver Willis: tapper’s all … Read More