Gun control zealots APPLAUD Jeff Flake defending Gabby Giffords against Ralph Norman’s ‘packing heat’ comments

As Twitchy told you, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) pulled out a loaded gun during a meeting with constituents on Friday when he discussed the need to protect himself. He explained that he would not be like Gabby Giffords, implying that … Read More

‘NO F*CKING WAY!!!!!’ WaPo drops major BOMBSHELL about mass shooters

Well, here’s a post-Sutherland-Springs-shooting take that’ll make you think: There are only two nearly universal characteristics of mass shooters: They’re men and they use guns — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) November 6, 2017 WaPo’s Philip Bump concludes: Advocates for reducing … Read More

‘This is SICK’! Actor Michael McKean attacks the VICTIMS of #SutherlandSprings

There’s been no shortage of vicious takes following yesterday’s horrific mass shooting at a Texas church. But we’d be remiss if we failed to give actor Michael McKean his turn in the spotlight. After Paul Ryan’s call for prayers: Reports … Read More