Andrea Mitchell alarmed by ‘unprecedented’ nature of ‘president under investigation’ declassifying & releasing documents

As Twitchy told you Monday afternoon, President Trump ordered the declassification of some Russia probe documents to be released to the public. Trump said the move was to provide greater transparency: HERE WE GO: Trump orders ‘immediate declassification’ of Russia … Read More

Cancel EVERYTHING: NBC reporter says what Trump just did is gonna have “HUGE repercussions”

NBC reporter Ken Delanian called the White House’s immediate declassification of documents and text messages without redaction “not normal” and said it would have “huge repercussions.” “I’ve never before seen a statement from the White House ordering declassification of something … Read More

Journo Brian Karem hits Mitch McConnell with two words ripped straight from the Dem talking points handbook

CNN analyst and WH reporter Brian Karem didn’t like Mitch McConnell hammering the Dems over their handling of an allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, and fired back using two of the Democrats favorite talking point words: “Merrick” and “Garland”: Gee Mitch, … Read More

‘Dumb, dishonest F*CKS’! Lefty journos trip ALL OVER themselves to entrap Brett Kavanaugh (it DOESN’T work)

If only journalists were as dogged when it comes to reporting the news as they are when it comes to throwing the book at Brett Kavanaugh. Remember when journalists practiced journalism? Those days are long gone, it seems. In response … Read More