Sharyl Attkisson describes ‘two possible scenarios’ to explain alleged FBI/DOJ spying on Trump

It kind of goes without saying that the alleged spying on the Trump campaign by the Obama-era FBI and Department of Justice would pique Sharyl Attkisson’s interest. The investigative journalist knows a thing or two about being spied on. This … Read More

Apple or banana? CNN’s Chris Cillizza says Trump’s call for Deep State investigation ‘shows he cares little about how gov’t works’

President Trump’s tweet about demanding that the Justice Department do a little deep state investigating sure has triggered a bunch of Resistance warriors: I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether … Read More

‘TRY AGAIN’! CNN will NEVER salvage their reputation if they keep pulling crap like THIS [pic]

Honest question: Does anyone at CNN actually do any research beyond blindly regurgitating “facts” from agenda-driven sources? We ask because in the wake of the deadly Santa Fe shooting in Texas late last week, CNN busted out an easily debunked … Read More