New York Times issues correction to shrink scope of intelligence community consensus to actual size

It might not seem like much, but when news outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times vocally beef up their fact-checking efforts and introduce new slogans like “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” it’s just as important for readers to … Read More

Endgame: Trump properties remove Time Magazine mock-ups in certain dry run for president’s impeachment

As Twitchy reported, the Washington Post and Pulitzer Prize winning reporter David Farenthold on Tuesday busted President Trump, exposing framed covers of Time Magazine at several of his golf clubs as novelty mock-ups, i.e., fake news. Farenthold updated the story with … Read More

‘FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS!!’ CNN beclowns itself AGAIN, this time over Trump tweets

These aren’t mutually exclusive:1. Trump’s tweets are fucking embarrassing2. The media’s focus on Trump’s tweets is fucking embarrassing — neontaster (@neontaster) June 29, 2017 Oh, hey. Here’s a great way to ensure people continue to not take you seriously, CNN: … Read More