‘BEYOND DISGUSTING’! Why did Twitter refuse to act on this ‘SICK’ tweet about Meghan McCain? [pic]

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HOW SWEET! Whoopi Goldberg rescues Barack Obama from “stressed” Jake Tapper [video]

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OUCH! Fox News’ Julie Banderas schools Soledad O’Brien after swipe at Meghan McCain’s distrust of socialism

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‘GET OUT OF MY VAGINA!’ Whoopi Goldberg is NOT taking Justice Kennedy’s retirement well [video]

Liberals: Winning hearts and minds, one unhinged rant at a time. When it’s too lit https://t.co/UfB3ewcrpv pic.twitter.com/cK19dRC17l — Allahpundit (@allahpundit) June 28, 2018 Take it away, Whoopi Goldberg! ICYMI: @WhoopiGoldberg on @TheView: “If you take my right away from me … Read More