BOMBS AWAY! Meghan McCain RATTLES Hillary Clinton’s minions with these HARSH truths [video]

As Twitchy told you yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s back in the news for appalling remarks she made in India over the weekend about Trump voters. In addition to suggesting that Trump voters were motivated by sexism and racism, she also claimed … Read More

‘Shut the SH*T up’! Meghan McCain takes heat for daring to speak TRUTH about modern feminism [video]

Lately, Meghan McCain has been making a name for herself as the lone voice of reason at “The View.” And today, on International Women’s Day, McCain once again distinguished herself by making sense: DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A FEMINIST? @MeghanMcCain … Read More

Somebody call the WAMBULANCE: Meghan McCain confronts CPAC chair over crowd booing her father…because of his politics?

Last week, Meghan McCain slammed CPAC for allowing attendees to boo her father’s name when President Trump mentioned Sen. John McCain’s (R-Z) vote against Obamacare. Matt Schlapp, the Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which puts on CPAC, appeared … Read More

TRIGGERED? Meghan McCain SLAMS CPAC for refusing to condemn people booing her father’s voting record

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) received an interesting request: @mschlapp Love CPAC, but please condemn the booing of Sen McCain and the man who was discussing naturalization. Terrible look for the movement. — Chad Emery (@publicemery1) February 24, 2018 … Read More

UH OH! Jimmy Kimmel writer PISSED at Meghan McCain for ‘belittling’ Hillary Clinton

Wednesday night on the Tonight Show, guest Hillary Clinton listened intently as Jimmy Fallon’s female writers as well as a teary-eyed Miley Cyrus read the former presidential candidate “thank you” notes: Watch as women writers for Jimmy Fallon, and guest … Read More