D’OH! This Kamala Harris ‘credibility’ slam on Trump from last March has backfired BADLY

Confirmed: This tweet did not age well. #FISAMemo https://t.co/YA6aFtmJY2 — El Borak (@ElBorakKS) February 3, 2018 No it did not at all: Every day President Trump refuses to admit his wiretap allegations are false further damages his credibility. — Kamala … Read More

‘SO forced’! Rachel Maddow’s over-the-top mockery of FISA memo is ‘outrageously awkward’ [video]

The FISA memo was released yesterday, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, of “omg I’ve got Trump’s tax forms” notoriety, went a bit overboard trying to describe how the memo is a bunch of nothing: Maddow: “This is it?!?!?!” pic.twitter.com/Mn9S82JRnC — Maddow … Read More

UH OH! Nancy Pelosi goes into SPIN OVERDRIVE after memo declassified & release imminent

A GOP FISA memo has reportedly been declassified by the president and release of the four pages of documents are imminent: BREAKING: White House says Trump has declassified GOP surveillance memohttps://t.co/XmXjlWhpsr — CNBC (@CNBC) February 2, 2018 When House Intel … Read More