MELTDOWN City! Nikki Haley is speaking at the High School Leadership Summit and Lefties just can’t DEAL

Nikki Haley tweeted that she will be speaking at TPUSA’s High School Leadership Summit which is pretty kick-arse if you ask us … RT @USUN: Looking forward to speaking at @TPUSA’s High School Leadership Summit on July 23! — … Read More

OUCH! Conservative group pulls out of TPUSA event over Candace Owens’ #MeToo remarks

As Twitchy told you, Turning Point USA’s comms director Candace Owens royally stepped in it yesterday with an appallingly awful tweet about #MeToo: The entire premise of #metoo is that women are stupid, weak & inconsequential. Too stupid to know … Read More

Take TWO! Stephen Colbert gives Bill Clinton a shot at ‘Today Show’ redemption (Spoiler: It’s STILL about HIM) [video]

In an interview which aired during the “Today Show” on Monday, Bill Clinton gave an answer to a question about apologizing to Monica Lewinsky that was heavily criticized because the former president again played the victim. Very Clinton-esque! How disastrous … Read More