BINGO! Mollie Hemingway perfectly sums up Google’s spin on leaked video showing distraught execs after Hillary’s loss

As we told you yesterday, Breitbart News obtained a lengthy video showing Google’s leadership team holding an emotional meeting after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. The video showed Google execs describing how they were distraught by Clinton’s loss, and some … Read More

AWKWARD: Mollie Hemingway shares 2016 Obama jobs prediction that did NOT age well [video]

As Mollie Hemingway helped point out, blue collar jobs are on the uptick in the U.S.: “Under Trump, the jobs boom has finally reached blue-collar workers. Will it last?” — Mollie (@MZHemingway) September 10, 2018 That’s odd, because Hemingway … Read More

Ka-BOOM! Mollie Hemingway NUKES wagon-circling MSM’s ‘coordinated’ spin on spying allegations

Former intelligence community officials during the Obama administration, including James Clapper, John Brennan and James Comey, have a lot of complaints about President Trump, but one thing they won’t be able to voice displeasure about is the way the mainstream … Read More