‘Sit this one out’! Joe Biden cements status as grade-A ‘hypocrite’ with this take on Kavanaugh-Ford

Joe Biden is nothing if not a piece of work. The former vice president is one of many Democrats and liberals rewriting history and likening the Kavanaugh-Ford case to Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, despite the fact that Thomas was … Read More

BACKFIRE! WaPo’s attempted exposé on Brett Kavanaugh only exposes media’s PATHETIC hackery

With Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation looking pretty inevitable, media firefighters have gotta pull out all the stops to try and stop it. Here’s today’s effort from the Washington Post: Brett Kavanaugh, now a Supreme Court nominee, proposed graphic questions for … Read More

Take TWO! Stephen Colbert gives Bill Clinton a shot at ‘Today Show’ redemption (Spoiler: It’s STILL about HIM) [video]

In an interview which aired during the “Today Show” on Monday, Bill Clinton gave an answer to a question about apologizing to Monica Lewinsky that was heavily criticized because the former president again played the victim. Very Clinton-esque! How disastrous … Read More